Secretary of State for International Relations with MAE Natalia Intotero pays visit to Italy

Natalia Intotero, Secretary of State for Inter-institutional Relations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) is going to pay an official visit to Italy over September 17-20, to attend a series of cultural events dedicated to the celebration of the 2nd anniversary since the setting up of the Romanian-Italian Association ‘Hora Unirii’ in the Italian Grosseto region and also a foundation stone ceremony at the Romanian Orthodox Complex in the Italian Bari City.

According to the release sent by MAE, the dignitary will participate, on Friday and Saturday, in a series of cultural events to be carried out under the project ‘Multi-ethnical Italy.

The Days of the Romanian Community. Integration and Living Together in the Grosseto Community,’ organized by the representatives of the Romanian associations in the Grosseto region, in cooperation with the Italian local authorities from the Riva Del Sole, Grosseto and Sacramento cities.

Moreover, on September 20, the Romanian Secretary of State will attend, answerign to an invitation extended by the Romanian community in Bari, the foundation stone ceremony at the new Orthodox Complex to include the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, a cultural centre, a library and a conference hall.

The Complex will be built on a plot of land contracted for 50 years, with the possibility existing the contract to be prolonged.
On the occasion of his visit to Italy, the Romanian official will discuss also with the representatives of the Romanian community in Italy, on such priorities of the Romanian organization in Italy for the next interval, reads a MAE press release.

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