The 25,000-euro pledge to young farmers is real, says Agriculture Minister Sarbu

Agriculture Minister Ilie Sarbu of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) on Thursday said he regretted that Development Minister Vasile Blaga of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) could not be with him in Arges County to see how tens of young people accessed funds nder European measure 112 of 25,000 each to build farms.

Sarbu thus reacted to some ironies of Blaga on a televised show against the promises of the PSD chief Mircea Geona, the party’s presidential candidate, that included granting 25,000 euro to young people who want to settle in rural areas or some GPS-equipped machinery.

‘I regret that my friend Vasile Blaga could not be here today with me and PSD chief Geoana in Arges County to see for himself that the 25,000-euro pledge is not a joke, but it is real and the programme has benefited tens of young people so far,’ Sarbu told.
He argued that there are 661 projects submitted under the same programme and 447 of them qualify for grants of 9 million euros.

As regards the farm machinery, Sarbu said that most of them are built at higher quality standards than those mentioned in jest by Blaga as they are equipped with devices to establish humidity and the per hectare quantity and even GPS.

Sarbu invited Blaga to a friendly conversation to show him how much is a joke and how much reality.
Measure 112 for the settlement of young farmers mentioned by Sarbu is part of the measures implemented since 2008 under the 20076-2013 National Rural Development Programme via the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries. The programme has a total budget of 337.2 million euros made up of European grants and matching funds from the Romanian Government.

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