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Traian Basescu maintains no decision was taken so far as for his candidacy

President Traian Basescu reiterated on Wednesday evening, on the public TV station, that he has yet to take a decision on his candidacy for a new mandate as head of state and maintained that, when the ongoing analysis will be concluded, his decision will be made public.

„I said that when the analysis is over, I will make the decision public. You should know that one of the reasons why I go visiting the country, beyond my habit to be among people, is to assess if I can candidate again. For the time being I reached no conclusion”, stressed Traian Basescu.
He added that he is upset by the people who consider his candidacy as certain.

„I can tell you that the statements of some of my former colleagues from the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L, in ruling coalition) embarrass me when they say: We have a candidate”, confessed Basescu.

The head of state underlined that Romania did not enter the economic slippage he was referring to a few months ago, when he declared that, in case such a situation happens, he will no longer seek a new mandate.

„Some slight growth is felt in certain sectors and Q3 will be one when we can recoup part of the economic growth minus, although without passing to a positive growth”, underlined Basescu.

He appreciated that in the rural zones productivity must be improved through a policy of re¬orientation of the small and medium-sized enterprises to the valuing of agricultural products.


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