Doru Costea, Mark Francois meeting at MAE

State secretary for global affairs with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) Doru Costea met on Thursday Mark Francois, a Conservative member of the House of Commons of the Great Britain Parliament and Minister for European Affairs in the „Shadow Cabinet”, MAE informs in a release.

The two officials approached a series of subjects of common interest, as the main evolutions at the European Union level, energy security, the Conference in Copenhagen and the situation in Afghanistan.

Both Doru Costea and Mark Francois remarked the special quality of the bilateral relations, aspect reflected by the fact that the two countries share the same standpoints referring to numerous subjects of mutual interest.

Mark Francois is on a fact-finding mission to Romania which includes meetings with members of Romania’s Parliament foreign affairs and European affairs committees, with the Minister for European affairs, as well as visits to several cities in Romania.

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