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Dracula tied to the history of Bucharest City

Delegations of foreign officials who came to Bucharest City on the occasion of the Bucharest Days found out on Friday, at a meeting with the city’s general mayor Sorin Oprescu at the Parliament Palace, that the name of Dracula is tightly connected to the history of the city.

‘You have heard about Dracula, who was a great Romanian ruler, but you probably did not know that the administrative history of Bucharest City is connected to him,’ said Oprescu, mentioning that Vlad Tepes, the real person behind the Dracula legend, is the one that mentioned the administrative area of Bucharest for the first time in a document dating back to 1459.

Oprescu told his guests from Austria, Russia, Monaco, Cyprus, China, Greece, Malaysia and Vietnam about the importance of communication among cities, adding that Bucharest wants to overcome the borders and win the opportunity of becoming an international community.
The image of Bucharest City through the eyes of the foreign visitors seems to be one of an impressive modern city.

Deputy Chairman of the Beijing Municipality Zhao Wenzhi told Agerpres at the end of the meeting with mayor Oprescu that Bucharest City at first sight is an ancient and modern city with culture and tradition.

He recommended the Bucharest city officials to develop the network of public transportation and infrastructure by re-planning the existing network of roads in order to increase traffic fluidity. Congested transport, he said, is a feature of metropolises, a universal problem. Among the measures I could say that the public transportation network has to be developed, as well as rapid rail transport, the metro network, bicycle riding and footing for short distances, he said.

Prefect of the Moscow central administrative sector Alexey Aleksandrov said he believes there is a fortunate combination between the old town and modern architecture.

Solving the road traffic issues, he says, should include one-way traffic, intelligent traffic lights, underground parking lots and banning the construction of office buildings in the centre of the city if there is no parking secured. He also said that traffic is now a much simpler issue in Moscow, that Moscow had problems in 1992 but it banned the construction of office buildings in the center of the city and had the developers create underground parking lots, set up one-way traffic areas and took care of the lights.

Mayor Oprescu is also scheduled to meet city officials from Athens, Moscow, Beijing and Tbilisi.

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  1. alina spune

    E foarte interesant ca tara nostra e asociata cu o legenda in viziunea strainilor si nu cu altceva. De atatia ani nu s-a realizat nimic sa aiba impact asupra stainilor, sa auzim ca zic:aaa, Romania, tara aia care minunata, cu drumuri bune, cu trai decent, cu oameni capabili. Ne remarcam numai prin istorie, lucruri care au fost cu mult in urma, insa prezentul nu spune nimic nimanui.De e atunci se putea face ceva si acum nu?
    La aceasta vizita a oficialilor la Bucuresti ar fi fost mult mai interesant ca domnul Oprescu sa prezinte proiecte deja realizate si nu pe cele in stadiul de idee. Nu ne ramane dacat sa sperm ca peste cativa ani, la urmatoarea vizita de acest gen, aceste lucruri sa vie reale.Doamne AJUTA!

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