Eurobarometer: Romanians stay optimistic as regards the EU

The Romanians continue to be among the most fervent supporters of the EU, with percentages higher than the European average for most chapters, but they have more negative perceptions as regards the measure to which most European institutions take into account the point of view of the interests of the country, reveal the results of the Eurobarometer 71 – the Public Opinion In the EU, presented on Friday at the headquarters of the Delegation of the European Commission in Bucharest.

Even after the first six months of this year, officially declared ” a crisis year,” 62 percent of the Romanians keep the traditionally positive image about the European Union, compared with a European average of 45 percent.

The results of the poll also show that in Romania, men are more optimistic than women, while, on age groups, the situation shows that the Romanians aged less than 40 develop an optimism not found among those aged over 40.

Against the background of the world crisis, the Romanians have more expectations from the EU (29 percent) than from their own government (24 percent), as regards the taking of efficient measures of fighting the effects of the crisis. The same tendency can be noticed in the rest of the EU member states, where 21 percent of those asked have higher confidence in the capacity of the EU to take them out of the crisis than in their own governments (12 percent).

The perceptions of the Romanians as regards Brussels are changing, when they are asked about the status of the country within the EU. So, only 41 percent of the Romanians believe that the voice of Romania count in the EU and only 36 percent are of the opinion that the interests of the country are well considered in Brussels and Strasbourg.

For Romania, the data have been taken between 12.06.2009 and 28.06.2009, on the basis of a sample representative at national level of 1,012 people aged from 15 upwards.

The error margin of the sample is of plus/minus 3 percent, for a level of trust of 95 percent.
The poll was made under the coordination of TNS Opinion&Social, at the request of the European Commission. The data have been gathered from the 27 states members of the EU, the three candidate countries (Croatia, Turkey and FYROM), plus the Turkish Cypriot Community.

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