Geoana: Romania must shape again and revitalize relation with US

President of the Senate Mircea Geoana said on Friday that Romania must shape again and revitalize the relation with the US in the context of the decision on stopping the project on the setting up the anti-missile shield in Central Europe.

„It is a decision affecting the strategic equilibrium of our region, having geopolitical consequences and this must be examined by the structures of the Romanian State.

I think it is compulsory for Romania to shape again and revitalize the relation with the United States of America, which is currently an extremely important strategic partnership, but in which they have invested not enough political and infrastructure energy lately,” said Geoana.

The President of the Senate also said that Romania would have to strengthen its position in Europe in order to be sure that it would not turn again into a buffer area in the relation between the East and the West.

„We shall have, in a pragmatic and national way, to leave behind a certain cliché of tension and frozen relations with the East, be it Moldova, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Central Asia and last but not least, a game we played with China, a country that has a certain interest in this region of Europe and which can ensure Romania an equilibrium with Europe,” added Geoana.

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