Green Barometer: Environmental issues, interesting topic for most Romanians

A half of the Romanians (53%) are declaring themselves supporters of the environmental protection, whereas other 28 say are in the category of ec o-neutral, reads a Green Barometer, a survey that examines the opinion of Romanian citizens, provided by TERRA Millennium III foundation.

According to the aforementioned source, 11 percent of respondents said they were in the category of eco-promoters of the environment, whilst 8 precent are indifferent to this issue.

The bulk of the urban population has a range of environment-protecting behaviours, most eco-supporters and promoters of the phenomenon being from Transylvania and Banat, whereas eco¬indifferent and eco-neutrals are living in Dobrudja and Bucharest.
In the segment of renewable energies, the survey carried by TERRA Millennium III shows that 57 percent of Romanians say are in favour, whilst 24% opt for renewable and nuclear energy.

Some 77 percent of the participants in the Green Barometer survey answered that of the renewable energies, the solar energy is preferred, while 67 percent would prefer hydro energy. Following in the ranking is wind energy (65%) and biomass energy (53 percent).

At the opposite pole, respondents pointed to nuclear energy which they consider dangerous and associated with a threat to the life quality.
The Green Barometer is a public opinion survey conducted nationwide by TERRA Millennium III foundation.
The first such research was carried in 2008, being sent to institutions dealing with environmental protection and environmental NGOs.

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