Head of SMG participates in Conference of NATO Military Committee

The head of the General Staff Admiral Gheorghe Marin over September 18-20 will participate in the informal meeting of the NATO Military Committee, on the level of the heads of the general staffs in the NATO member states, to take place in Lisbon.

During the meeting, there will be approached such military aspects related to the New Strategic Concept of NATO and the election of the new head of the International Military Staff.

Referring to the operations, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) is going to present to the head of the general staffs in the NATO member states the current stage and the perspectives of the operations under the NATO command (ISAF, KFOR, operations against the maritime piracy), the Major General Staff informs.

The Military Committee is the highest NATO military authority, meant to assess and counsel the military-political command of the Alliance: The North-Atlantic Council, the Defence Planning Committee, the Nuclear Planning Commitee.

The Military Committee established the leading lines for the strategic commanders (the Supreme Command of the Change of command at Allied Command Transformation) whose representatives took part in the works too. The NATO Military Committee is made up of heads of the general staffs in the NATO EU member states.

They meet at the level of the general staffs in three annual sessions, while at the level of the permanent military representatives, they meet on a weekly basis. The head of the NATO Military Committee is elected from among the heads of general staffs of the allied states, with a three-year mandate. Currently, the position is held by the Italian Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, whose term in office began in June 2008.

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