IMM minister: One cannot talk of economic invigoration until 2011

Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Companies, SMEs, Constantin Nita, said, on Friday, in Brasov, that, until 2011, one cannot talk about a invigoration of the Romanian economy and neither of growth before the 4th term of 2010.

„From my point of view, the situation is not better in other EU countries. The economic fall is economic fall and it can be noticed in all the EU. It is in vain that one has economic growth of 0.2-0.3 percent and a budget deficit of 7.7 percent, as in the case of France.

There are macro-economic imbalances in all cases. As I have already said, a invigoration of the economy cannot exist before the 4th term of 2010, and we can talk of an economic invigoration from the year 2011….

Things will continue to be bad, ” Nita also said. According to him, the situation of SMEs of Romania continues to be difficult, although the pace of closing them fell in the first six months this year, when over 100,000 companies were closed.

In the opinion of the minister, the situation was due both to the introduction of the minimum guaranteed tax, but in particular to the substantial fall in the economy. The official deplored the absence of a banking policy in support of small and medium-sized companies.

„They have a policy directed only towards profit and as one could have expected a report of the European Bank shows that the most profitable banks in this area are those in Romania, which shows us that, for that matter, the Romanian banks with foreign capital want only to gain and not to support the real economy. In this respect, there is huge discontent within the SMEs,” said Nita.

He added that next week he will present a legislative package aimed at improving the business environment, made up of the Law of employers’ associations, which is supposed to bring a series of substantial modifications compared with what is currently, the law of holding companies, which will regulate the payment of taxes and charges among holdings, the Law of lobbying, aimed at allowing a diminution in the corruption act at governmental, parliamentary level, a.s.o. or the law for the setting up of commercial companies and limited liability companies with a share capital of one euro.

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