Mircea Geoana: PSD might exit government after 2nd tranche from IMF

Leader of the Social Democratic Party (P SD) Mircea Geoana recently stated the possibility existed that, after the 2nd tranche from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Social Democrats will step down from the governing, unless ‘the governing show stops devoting itself to the President Traian Basescu.’

Geoana on Thursday evening told the private TV channel Antena 3 that PSD stayed at rule only to ensure the stability of the country and, also, the best conditions for the IMF to send the 2nd tranche of the loan to Romania, which was essential for the salaries and pensions to be ensured.
The Social Democratic leader said that ‘Traian Basescu was very worried of the fact that he was falling down in the polls,’ reason for which ‘he wanted to determine the PSD step down from the governing.’

Mircea Geoana qualified the speech held this week by the President in the plenary session of the Parliament as ‘a lame episode’ and underlined that it was absolutely necessary the MPs to return to the crisis.

‘The incumbent President wasted an important chance for Romania. No other leader after 1990 had better opportunities, with an economic growth of 8.5 percent of the GDP at his disposal. Romania had just become a NATO member and negotiations with the European Union had just been concluded when he took the poor, while the world was starting to show respect for our country again,’ Mircea Geoana argued.

The PSD leader also addressed to those who launched attacks against his family or his party, and assured them ‘he was ready for anything.’ ‘I have made mistakes too, but I didn’t break the law, so that it is clear for me any attacks must be political,’ Mircea Geoana added.

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