President Basescu is expected to come to Renault Technologie Centre at Titu

President Traian Basescu is expected to come on Friday to the site of the technical centre based in Titu (north-west of Bucharest) of Renault Technologie Roumanie (RTR), which is to be inaugurated in March 2010.

The investment made in the above-mentioned in centre, which began in September 2008, stopped early this year because of the partial lack of financing, but it was resumed in July. In the end the European Investment Bank approved a 83 million euro loan for the development of the Titu-based centre, a fact that made it possible for work to go on.

The Titu-based technical centre of the Renault Group, whose foundation stone was laid in September 2008, will test almost half of the new models launched by the Renault Group.

Once it operates entirely (initial estimates mentioned the end of 2009), the centre at Titu will be able to test almost half of the new models launched by the above-mentioned group. They will be able to test here between three and five new models, considering the fact that Renault launches about 10 models a year.

At the end of March 2010 the first part of investments will have to be finished, namely the part testing the engine spare parts plus the tracks. The research part will be finished in 2012, when the office blocks are built too.

The technical centre at Titu is quite unique within the Renault Group as here they will be able to test both finished motor vehicles and engines. The complex will have different tracks, 30 km long in all, which will include a speed ring, deformed tracks for testing suspensions and water tracks.
One hundred testing benches will work in the Renault Technologie Roumanie centre at Titu, which covers a 800,000 square metre built-in area. Moreover, there will be laboratories examining the materials and subassemblies produced by the Renault network.

The centre at Titu will cover 370 hectares. The representatives of the Renault Group estimated that, concurrently with the beginning of the activity at Titu, the number of employees will be 3,000. The investments in the Renault centre at Titu will amount to 450 million euros.
The above-mentioned centre will be the second most important one for Renault after the engineering centre in France. The facility in Romania mainly works on projects for the Logan range but also for other Renault models such as Twingo, Kangoo, Magane 3 and the new generation of the Scenic model. The engineers will coordinate the teams of men working with the Renault plants in Slovenia, Turkey and Russia.

RTR has two main fields of activity: mechanics (engine, gearbox and drive line) and vehicles (car body, car body equipment, undercarriage system, electric and electronic systems, architecture and assembly). The engineers at Titu will also ensure the assistance to the industrial production for the Logan range in all the plants the world over: Romania, Brazil, Iran, Russia, India, Morocco and South Africa.

The Renault Group invested 1.4 billion euros during its ten-year long activity on the motorcar market in Romania. The investments amounting to ten billion euros, as against the initial 250 million dollar investment, were directed both to the production centre at Mioveni (southern Romania) and the design centre in Bucharest, but also the Titu-based centre.

The Renault company has been in Romania since July 1999 when it bought the Dacia plant at Mioveni. In 2000 they launched the Dacia SupeRNova model, the first materialization of the French- Romanian cooperation, a motorcar equipped with Renault engine and gearbox.

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