President Basescu visits Renault site at Titu

President Traian Basescu on Friday visited the building site of the technical centre of Renault Technologie Romanie at Titu (southern Romania). He came back here exactly one year after work on the building site began.

The Head of State was welcomed by managing director of Renault Romania Philippe Prevel, by manager of the Titu project Fabrice Jouanny and by Dacia vice-president Constantin Stroe.

Fabrice Jouanny informed the President of a few elements referring to the stage of the project and said that there were five Romanian enterprises with 280 workers on the building site, that there was no industrial accident in the 150 days they worked effectively. According to him, the building is made in keeping with the anti-earthquake norms and observes the European regulations referring to working conditions.

As for the stage of the work, the whole retention basin, 60 percent of the embankments, roads, platforms and car parks, 30 percent of the sewerage system and 15 percent of the buildings are finished.
The test tracks will be 32 km long, the first tests being scheduled for October 2010. President Traian Basescu voiced satisfaction with the work going on as part of this project.

„I am happy that the project makes progress. In spring I was worried about the project being stopped, but now things are OK. I feared that, because of the crisis, the project would be abandoned. This is why we made a rapid response to the idea of guarantees to the EIB loan.

On January 12 the first thing I did was to go to Luxembourg and talk the EIB president into releasing the loans,” said President Basescu. Accompanied by the representatives of the company, President Traian Basescu visited the Titu-based building site.

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