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Prevel (RTR): We will hire in Titu a few tens of Romanian engineers

Renault Technologie Roumanie (RTR) intends to hire in its center in Titu, south-eastern Romania, a few tens of Romanian engineers with experience in auto groups abroad, said, on Friday, Philippe Prevel, RTR general manager.

„I don’t known if with the opening of the center we will reach the figure of 3,000 employees, but we will have a few tens of Romanian engineers with experience abroad and there already are Romanian engineers with an experience of tens of years in companies such as Toyota, General Motors, Crystler, who will work for us,” said Prevel.

An example of the RTR strategy is the deputy general manager of the company Sorin Buse, a Romanian engineer who has worked for twenty years in the auto industry in the United States and Canada, of which 14 for the Toyota division based in Canada, being the manager of the Greenfield industry of Woodttok, Toronto.

„To participate in the development of a center such as that in Titu is a unique chance in the life of an engineer. In addition, for me, notably that I have had close links with Romania, that has been an excellent way to return home,” Buse also said.

Philippe Prevel stressed that RTR will focus on attracting Romanian engineers, who have worked for years in the auto industry abroad and who can make a contribution in the development of the center close to Targoviste.
The said technical center will test almost half of the new models launched by the Renault group.

At the end of March 2010, there is to be ready the first part of the investment, notably the part of tests of the spare parts for engines, plus the tracks. The research component will be ready until 2012, when the buildings for offices will also be built.

The technical center in Titu is unique within the Renault group, because it is here that tested can be both finished vehicles and engines.
The center will be the second in importance for Renault, after an engineering center based in France. The unit in Romania mainly deals with projects for the Logan range, as well as for other Renault models, like Twingo, Kangoo, Megane 3 and the new generation of the Scenic model.

The engineers will coordinate the teams of people working at the Renault plants from Slovenia, Turkey and Russia.
Also, the engineers in Titu will ensure the assistance of the industrial production for the Logan range in all the plants worldwide, namely in Romania, Colombia, Brazil, Iran, Russia, India, Morocco and South Africa.

The Renault group has invested 1.4 billion euros in the ten years of activity in the auto market in Romania.
The investment of ten billion euros compared with an initial investment worth 250 million dollars, was aimed both at the production center in Mioveni, southern Romania, and at the design center in Bucharest as well as at that in Titu.

Renault Co. has been present in Romania since July 1999 when it bought the Dacia Mioveni plant. The model Dacia Supernova was launched in the year 2000, it has been the first materialization of the French-Romanian cooperation, a car equipped with a Renault engine and gear box.

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