RATB marks 100 years of public transport in Bucharest

The strategy of development and upgrade of RATB’s (Bucharest Public Transport Authority) bus fleet will continue with the acquisition by an international auction of 150 modern trolley buses, following an investment of some 50 euros, announced on Friday in a conference, Gheorghe Aron, general manager of RATB.

On the occasion of 100 years since establishment, in 1909, the Bucharest public transport authority has prepared a range of projects designed to increase the quality of transport services and to ease traffic congestion in Bucharest, he said.

‘Starting 2005 the Bucharest Public Transport Authority has purchased 1,000 Mercedes buses and 100 Astra-Ikarus-Citelis trolley buses. Due to be carried out at the repair plant-central works by the end of December 2009 is the modernization of 290 V3A tramways. In 2009 we upgraded the depots Alexandria, Militari, Giurgiului and Dudesti.

Within the improvement measures of public transport conditions is the commissioning in 2005 of the integrated taxation system for subway and ground transport. We have already concluded a partnership with BCR so that people might recharge transportation cards from the bank’s ATMs,’ said Gheorghe Aron.
In 2009 the number of passengers went down slightly over 2008 by 2-3 percent, reporting some 2 million trips a day.

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