Renault technical center in Titu to be inaugurated in October 2010

Renault Technologie Roumanie is to finalize in summer of 2010 the first stage of the technical center in Titu (southern Romania), namely the part dealing with engines and gear boxes tests, as well as half of test tracks, they going to be inaugurated in Oct. 2010, RTR general manager Philippe Prevel told, at the end of President Traian Basescu’s visit to the construction site.

„The first part of investments, respectively the engine and gear boxing test center, as well as half of the 32 km. of test tracks will be ready in the summer next year and the first tests will be started in October. So far, the Renault-run investment here amounts at 70 million euros, of 166 million euros, the total cost of the first investment phase”, said Prevel.

The Renault official pointed out that in the summer of 2011 all the nine test tracks of the center will be finalized, as well as the vehicle stress part.
Renault representatives said that there was no question of cancellation of this project, in spite of the fact that the works were halted in the summer this year due to the partial lack of funding. Last, but not least Renault re-launched the investment in Titu in July, after the European Investments Bank approved a loan of 83 million euros for the development of this center.

As regards the number of RTR employees in Romania Prevel explained that the company curbed the hiring pace and that only very experienced engineers will be hired, the current figure of 30 engineers, as the number of staff when the center in Titu is inaugurated, going to suffer a modification.

At present, some 2,200 engineers are employed by Renault Technologie Roumanie Co. Currently, five Romanian enterprises, with 280 workers, operate on the yard in Titu and the number of workers is set to go up to 500, in the upcoming three months.

Renault representatives stressed they have full Romanian authorities’ support as for the implementation of this investment and that subsidies from the Romanian state, in value of 28 million euros and some other facilities will be granted after the investment is completed.

„This project is unique in the world and that is why we benefit, apart of our employees’ expertise, of their enthusiasm and we seek to attract as many as possible Romanian engineers who worked in this field for prestigious companies abroad, such as Toyota, General Motors, Chrysler”, explained Philippe Prevel.

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