Romanian community exceeds 3,000 members in Czech Republic

Romania’s Ambassador to Prague Daniela Gatman stated on the occasion of her presence in „Romania’s Day” event, organized within the 11th edition of the International Grapes Festival in Znojmo, that a community of Romanians exceeding 3,000 members currently live in the Czech Republic.

„Romanians living in the Czech Republic are young and live in cities, the majority working for some big international companies. We must say that Romanians in the Czech Republic are also pretty united as a community, many of them meeting frequently on the occasion of some events, with the participation of the embassy, as well”, said Ambassador Daniela Gatman.

On the other hand, the Romanian diplomat voiced regret that there is no Romanian restaurant in the Czech Republic, nor stores where specific food products can be bought, Romanians there missing them a let.

„I hope that through events as „Romania’s Day”, at the Znojmo grapes festival, our products will become known in this country and the Czech market will open up for Romanian producers to a greater extent”, added Daniela Gatman.

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