School managers are not appointed by minister, says PM Emil Boc

PM Emil Boc on Friday said that the school managers have to be appointed by school’s administration councils and not by the minister.
He said that the order issued by Education Minister, Ecaterina Andronescu related to the management of the educational institutions is opposite to the vision promoted by the Law on Education for which the Government assumed responsibility.

‘I’ve seen this morning the order of the Education Minister related to managers of the pre- university education system, according to which the appointment of managers will be made by order of the Education Minister at the proposal of the School Inspectorate’s Administration Council. The decision is completely opposite to the vision we’ve promoted in the law on national education,’ said Boc.

The head of the Romanian Government stressed that he called on the Education Minister to halt the enforcement of the order, otherwise the minister will be reshuffled.

‘PM Boc said that the National Pact on Education and the Law on Education promote the school depoliticization and decentralization principle that aims that decisions be taken locally based on a contest organised by the School’s Administration Council, made up of representatives of local authorities, parents and teachers.

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