Traian Basescu: In my capacity as mayor I was most attentively subject to public control

President Traian Basescu said, on Friday, during a meeting with representatives of the local administration of the county of Dambovita, south-eastern Romania, that the position of mayor, which he held at a certain moment, in his career, has been the most attentively subject to the public control.

„I have been a mayor, I believe that has been the position most controlled by the public which I have had. As a minister, as a president, one is less under the public control than as a mayor.

The mayor is the person gathering the content, but notably the discontent of his or her community, on a daily basis, and that is maybe the reason why, if somebody can do something for the community, with efficiency and adjusted to the needs of the community, this is the local administration and the mayor, as an emblem of the local administration,” said the head of state.

He added that he is very pleased to have meetings with people from the local administration, which he considers „the key of the relations” between the population and the administration.

„In point of salaries, I think you have seen that some steps have been made on the salary scale, in the way the mayors are paid and I believe that compared with the existing resources, something has been done. Let’s see how satisfying this is, when it comes into force.

The fact that the general mayor of Bucharest is paid at the level of minister and from him downwards, the positions of mayors are more or less adjusted, starting from this level, I believe a small step forward will be made, even though not satisfactory, on all the hierarchy of the local administration, ” he also said.

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