Boc admits discussing with Basescu about possibility the later to run in upcoming presidential elections

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (PD-L) on Saturday told a TV broadcast that his party was going to support Traian Basescu if he decided to run in the upcoming presidential elections and also admitted discussing about this subject with the head of the state, although no decision was taken yet.

‘PD-L will support Traian Basescu if he decides to run in the presidential elections. Nevertheless, the decision belongs only to Traian Basescu. All I can say to you right now is that according to the party and its political programme, and also according to the opinion polls, the best candidate will be the incumbent Romanian President,’ Boc said.

He also specified Traian Basescu is now the best ranking in the opinion polls among the supposed candidates in the upcoming elections and he also said that he was discussing with the President on the later’s possible candidacy.

‘I would be hypocrite to say I didn’t discussed the matter with the President, but the decision belongs only to him. I believe we have to wait for the President to decide. Nevertheless, he will be the best candidate for the PD-L,’ Emil Boc said.

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