Romanian Southern Campina City enters Guiness Book of Records for biggest brush

Romanian southern Campina City entered the Guiness Book of Records, with painter Mihai Boroi, invited at the 2nd edition of the Fall Festival, using the longest brush in the world at a local ceremony.

With a representatives from Guiness Book attending, Boroi used the brush to make a green ‘C’ (the symbol of the City) on an improvised board. The brush measured 4.3 metres.

‘We wanted to set this record to mark the Day of the Arts, which we are celebrating today, the Campina City Mayor Horia Tiseanu, who received the certificate from the Guiness Book representative, said.

Both the board and the brush used by the painter will be installed soon in front of the City Hall for a few days, following to be moved then in the hall of the Youth Home in the City, Mayor Tiseanu said.

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