Traian Basescu speaks about his priorities, in case of being re-elected

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Sunday told the Radio Romania Actualitati radio station that, in case he decided to run in the upcoming presidential elections, his top priorities would be represented by the reform of the state, the revision of the Constitution and the promotion of Romania’s image abroad.

‘My top priority will be represented by the reform of the state. The state must stop relying so hard on its citizens. We are currently collecting money from the taxes and guaranteeing the functioning of the state based on these money, with no less than 1.45 people working now in the public system. And it is clear we need to find solutions for this problem,’ the President said.

He also added that another priority of him would be represented by the revision of the fundamental law of the state and he reiterated his option for a single-chamber Parliament.

‘My second priority: the Constitution. You all seen I already tried to launch that revision, for it is obvious we need it. And my option will be – while also taking into account the Lisbon Treaty which we hope will come into force this year – a single chamber Parliament.

For we will have the second chamber in Brussels. The Parliament in Brussels will decide many things for us too. So that what for to keep two chambers here when the national Parliament will be cooperating intensively with the Parliament in Brussels? One Chamber here and one in Brussels will be enough,’ the President said.

He also added that another of his objectives will be the launch of new policy to promote Romania’s image abroad.
Basescu said that in his opinion the years 2007 and 2008 were wasted from the viewpoint of the reform of the state, for his not so good relation with the Prime Minister during those years prevented him from using a series of necessary instruments to help the modernization of the country.

That’s why, he reminded, in order for the nominal vote to be implemented, it was need to call for a referendum. He also reminded several presidential committees were set up in the meantime in such fields and the protection of the national patrimony and education.

‘Nevertheless, you should know that the three laws the Government just assumed responsibility for did not represent the end of the reform. There are still many things to be done for the reform of the state to be complete.

The state is now relying very hard on the citizens, for we only produced to help it survive, with too many people working in the public system, disinterested people, only fueling bureaucracy. We need to cut bureaucracy,’ the President said.

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