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Basescu: Many young people spread scorn for Romanian values

President Traian Basescu said on Monday, when they launched the report of the presidential commission on the built patrimony, historical and natural sites, that there were many young people spreading scorn for Romanian values.

„By sheer coincidence this report came exactly after a speech in Parliament, in which, among other things, I was speaking of the need to make ourselves better known in Europe but also in Romania, considering the fact that there is a fury of self-flagellation in public when speaking of our values and very many people, especially young ones, who probably learnt very little at school about their country, spread scorn for the Romanian values, for what Romania is, for the pride taken in being Romanian and so on.

I think that this report, besides being a technical and scientific report, is also a measure of the respect all of us should have for our own history but also for the beauty of our country,” said the Head of State.

He emphasized the fact that protecting historical monuments was equal to protecting memory, evolution, the values of the past, which are „a foundation for values that are to be generated” by the Romanian nation.

„When speaking of protecting natural sites, we actually speak of protecting what God gave us. And sometimes we are so worthless that we destroy not only what we ourselves or our forerunners made, but we also destroy what nature gave us in order to serve financial interests, pecuniary interests, interests that have nothing in common with what the nations respecting themselves preserve: their values. Be they cultural or natural, these values must be preserved,” said Romania’s President.

According to Basescu, his attitude is not against modernization, but one must find „that optimum thing” which, on the one hand, should make it possible to preserve memory and, on the other hand, to make development possible.
The President also stressed the fact that destroying monuments was a proof of the lack of education, of the lack of respect for ourselves, of the lack of understanding Romanian values.

Traian Basescu on April 18, 2008, signed the decision on setting up the presidential commission on the built patrimony, historical and natural sites in Romania.

Joint chairmen of the commission are Professor Dan Mohanu, PhD, with the section of conserving and restoring mural painting of the National Art University in Bucharest, and Architect Serban Sturdza, president of the Architects’ Order in Romania.
On September 16, 2008 the presidential commission on patrimony proposed a set of 12 priority measures.


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