Diaconescu: After establishement of Government in Chisinau, bilateral dialogue to be resumed

Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu said that after the establishment of the Government in Chisinau, initiated will be the bilateral Romanian¬Moldovan dialogue on a series of concreted protests.

„Immediately after the Government is established in Chisinau, at all levels we will enter a bilateral dialogue,” Diaconescu said at a TV station.
Asked about the change of the policy in Chisinau vs. Romania, Diaconescu mentioned that there can be a „good signal,” but stressed that this is the signal of a „cautious” policy.

„That can be a good signal. I am the supporter of a cautious policy from this perspective. A few steps more are necessary to enter the normalcy of good neighbourly relations „to make tangible a series of projects on the flexibility of traffic, free change areas, the cooperation to the Black Sea, mutual investment, in the limit of European regulations.”

For his part, European Commissioner Leonard Orban, said, at the same talkshow that, currently, the EU policy is of closeness to the Republic of Moldova, but he supports, „the Republic of Moldova does not yet have the prospect of integration into the EU.”

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