Measures to prevent multiple vote at presidential elections

The Ministry of Administration and Interior /MAI/ will table a personalization of the rubber stamps with the mention „Voted” for a better development of the electoral process and for avoiding the multiple vote cases, a release.

Each polling station will have rubber stamps with its own ID elements – the year of the electoral process and the number of the polling station – thus being excluded the possibility of using the rubber stamp from one station to another.

At the same time, the citizens who, on the day of the voting, are not in their residing locality will be able to vote only in the approx. 3,300 special polling stations to be organized, but only after filling in a statement on one’s own responsibility.
Through this document, the said person assumes, under the penal law’s sanctions, the fact that he/she didn’t vote and will not vote anymore on that very day.

This statement, given under the sanction of the criminal law for false statement, is also useful for the eventual commencing of the criminal investigation for multiple vote, as it includes all the ID data of the respective citizen, the MAI release informs.
The exact number of the special polling stations and the location they will be placed at will be set through Government Decision.

The MAI will set web cameras at the entrance of the special polling stations, which will be connected to computers and register the image of all citizens who will come through. The images recorded will be stocked on DVDs or CDs and will be transmitted to the Electoral Standing Authority (AEP) so that, if eventual criminal processes of multiple vote occured, they could be used as extra evidence.

A system to transmitting all the documents will be organized as well – the standing electoral lists, the tables with the citizens who vote at other stations than those belonging to their residence, according to their statements on their own responsibility – from the polling stations to the AEP.

According to MAI, this electoral process will count no extra lists. AEP will be able to check these documents and, if necessary, to make criminal complaints for multiple vote.

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