Minister Predoiu: Magistrates’ protest is fight for power, not for justice independence

Minister of Justice and Citizens Freedoms Catalin Predoiu stated on Monday that magistrates’ protest is not a fight for justice independence, but one for power.

„What happens currently is not a fight for justice independence, but a fight for power inside the judiciary system and outside it, showing contempt for citizens. Magistrates’ general assemblies do not have legal competence to decide upon the protest. Magistrates who oppose this adventure have the moral and legal duty to say so and to impose their opinion in the spirit and respect for law”, said Predoiu.

He also said that, following the magistrates’ decision of continuing the protests, the Minister is to propose a solution to the Government aimed at the unblocking of Trade Register activity.

„As a result of the magistrates’ decisions to continue the illegal and non-statuary halt of justice courts activity and given the most serious consequences this move has upon the citizens, as well as upon the economy, MJLC is to propose a solution of urgently unblock the Trade Register”, announced the Minister of Justice.

Predoiu wants to propose through a law draft the establishment of a new system of registration of the commercial companies and of the trade documents with the Trade Register, which will no longer involve justice as a public service, the technical details going to be presented after they will be debated and approved by the Executive.

According to Predoiu, millions of case files are affected, more than 17,200 files being blocked at the Trade Register, of which a third in the Capital and some families’ income is directly affected and business and contracts placed under a question mark.

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