Nicolae Nemirschi targeting return guarantee for PET bottles

Environment Minister Nicolae Nemirschi told a news conference in Arad (western Romania) that he would propose the introduction of a return guarantee for PET bottles, a measure which is aimed at a better collection of the waste and that might be introduced as of 2010.

Minister Nemirschi said that the introduction of the measure will not lead to the rise in prices of PET bottles, stressing that the issue of collection of waste can be solved either by coercion or by reward.

Nemirschi said that the selected measure is necessary and has already been used for several years now in UK, Germany, the Netherlands, where the guarantees ranges between 15 and 25 eurocents for returning PET bottles.

The Romanian environment minister said that as people got used to paying the tax for plastic bags they will get used to returning PET in exchanges for the guarantee. We cannot force all small shops to collect bottles because they would need storages, we should start first with supermarkets and hypermarkets,’ said Nicolae Nemirschi.


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