PM Emil Boc is confident that coalition won’t break up

PM Emil Boc has confidence that the ruling coalition won’t break up between the Democrat-Liberal Party (PD-L) and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and characterized the relations with the PSD president, Mircea Geoana as partnership, sometimes contradictory on various themes.

‘We have a partnership relation (with Mircea Geoana), of analysis, sometimes contradictory on various issues, however, it stays within the axes of the ruling programme,’ PM Boc told a TV broadcast. Asked about whether the coalition will break up he answered he believed it won’t.

Boc stressed he is concerned over the ruling programme and a better management of the economic crisis, with beneficial effects for the citizen.

As regards a possible a possible collapse of the Government following the censure motion tabled after the Government’s assuming responsibility for the 3-law package, premier Emil Boc emphasized that he was not afraid of such steps and that eventually the decision is up the Parliament.

‘I am not afraid of the motion. The decision belongs to Parliament, because as a last resort the Government is politically accountable before Parliament. I am not afraid because as long as I know I do what is right I go as far as possible,” said Premier Boc.

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