Premier Boc: State is duty bound to protect and preserve national cultural patrimony

The Romanian State is duty bound to protect and preserve the national patrimony in order to give it to the future generations, said Premier Emil Boc on Monday, at the Cotroceni Palace, when they launched the report of the presidential commission on the built patrimony, historical and natural sites in Romania.

„The national cultural patrimony belongs not only to the present-day generations but also to the future ones and in order to be offered in the best condition, it must be protected by institutional and legal measures,” said the Prime Minister.

He emphasized the fact that, „unfortunately,” the national patrimony has been and still is a „favourbale ground” for abuses, from the legal ones to the ones referring to the failure to understand its importance for communities and for our daily life.

„I should like to emphasize the fact that, more often than not, we notice the failure to correlate the primary and secondary legislation, as jurists put it, the regulations are more important than the establishment or the regulations are more important than the law as, because of the failure to correlate things or dishonesty in applying secondary documents, the initial meaning of the law is distorted,” said Emil Boc.

In his opinion, under the pretext that „we build in order to save,” the most outrageous abuses are made against the preservation of the national cultural patrimony.

„I think that a future legislation must by no means give private persons the right that, by private agreements, they should deviate from the fundamental norms on protecting the national cultural patrimony. Unfortunately, by private documents among private persons, they questioned the very foundation of the law, a fact that can no longer be accepted as the state is duty bound to preserve the national cultural patrimony above the private persons’ interests,” said the Head of Government.

Emil Boc remarked that the law must be applied in good faith for it not to turn into „an obstacle” to the modernization of the state.
The Prime Minister assured people of the fact that the „extraordinary” work of the presidential commission would underlie the activity of the Government and of the relevant ministry for „perfecting and improving the specialist legislation with a view to a better preservation of the national cultural patrimony.”

President Traian Basescu on April 18, 2008, signed the decision on setting up the presidential commission on the built patrimony, historical and natural sites in Romania.

Joint chairmen of this commission are Professor Dan Mohanu, PhD, with the section of conserving and restoring mural painting of the National Art University in Bucharest, and Architect Serban Sturdza, president of the Architects’ Order in Romania.
On September 16, 2008 the presidential commission on patrimony proposed a set of 12 priority measures, at Cotroceni, the Head of State attending.

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