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President Basescu is optimistic about effects of report on patrimony

President Traian Basescu, who on Monday attended the launch of the report of the presidential commission on the built patrimony, historical and natural sites in Romania, said he was optimistic about the effects of this document and added that he would officially send it to the Government and Parliament.

„I assure you that, after this meeting is over, I will officially send the report of the presidential commission both to Parliament and the Government and I want you to know that I would not be pessimistic at all about the effect of this report. We have the experience of the report on education, which the Government and Parliament took into account, we have the experience of the report on health, from which the Government took the modernization stages of the health system, and what could be done this year has been done,” said the President.

The Head of State also voiced conviction that this report too would be part of the future governmental and parliamentary action.
„The authority of the people who were on this commission will force all the state-run institutions to consider recommendations, suggestions and solutions given by the commission.

I am thanking those who, for over one year, during the holidays included, have been working without being paid in order to give the Government and Parliament and the audience a report proving a excellent competence,” also said Basescu.

The President added that the report was an x-ray photograph of the state of the built patrimony and of the built and natural sites, offering solutions at the same time.

„I would like us to remember that more than one year ago, when we made the decision to set up this commission, it originated with the very response of architects, of cultural personalities, who, being desperate at what they was in Bucharest and all over the country, tried to find a solution of expressing themselves on the one hand and, on the other, hoping that the report drawn up by experts of high prestige will be considered by the politicians and the measures suggested will be made into laws and actions, added Basescu.

The Head of State mentioned again that the same commission also drew up a report on urgent legislative interventions, which was taken to the Government last September.

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