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Presidential committee for patrimony presents report on Monday

President Traian Basescu participates on Monday, in the launch of the report of the Presidential Committee for the built patrimony, the historical and natural sites in Romania, informed on Sunday the Presidential Administration President Traian Basescu signed on April 18, 2008, the decision for the setting up of the presidential committee for the built patrimony, the historical and natural sites in Romania, the presidential administration also said.

Co-presidents of the committee are prof.dr. Dan Mocanu, from the Department of conservation-restoration of mural painting of the National University of Arts of Bucharest and architect Serban Sturdza, president of the Architects Order of Romania.

President Traian Basescu announced, in 2008, on the occasion of the participation in the opening of an exhibition on „Mural paintings recovered from the church of Vacaresti Monastery,” the setting up of a presidential committee for the preservation of the cultural patrimony.

The matter of the patrimony is approached at the highest level by the decision which I made on yesterday, and we will make it public soon – of setting up a presidential committee apt to set a diagnosis on what we have to do for the preservation of the national heritage and of the measures we have to take, for this assets, which cannot be quantified, in euros, or in dollars, because it is our very national conscience, to get a priority regime as regards its preservation and its passing further,” president Basescu said.

The head of state showed concern then about the way in which ” the national cultural patrimony is treated and neglected.” „We said, in 2005, that the manner how the cultural national patrimony is treated and neglected is almost an attack to the national security.

I believe that the so-called work of gradual diminution of the national patrimony of Romania reached the limit to which we have to put an end to the depreciation and loss of this heritage. Nothing justifies an attitude leading to the depreciation of the national patrimony for the sake of development.

Nothing justifies the neglect of the roots of the Romanian culture and spirituality. We must not treat the issue of the national patrimony as being an appendix of our life, instead of being treated like a pillar of our identity,” stressed Traian Basescu.
On Sept 16, 2008, the presidential committee for the heritage proposed, at Cotroceni presidential Palace, in the presence of the head of state, 12 priority measures.


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