Second case of A/H1N! case of flu at High School in Slobozia

The second case of illness with the flue virus A/H 1N1, in the education system, was found at Mihai Viteazul High School of Slobozia, the Health Ministry said, on Monday, in a release sent to the press.

According to the source, a class mate of the young woman tested positive last week was confirmed positive following tests made by the Cantacuzino National Institute.

The young lady aged 16 is currently hospitalized at Matei Bals institute, taking anti-virals.
The epidemiological inquiry shows that the young lady had only a contact who does not show for the time being signs of falling ill, with the total of seven confirmed cases with the new stem A/H 1N 1, with the total at national level reaching 333 cases.

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