Transport Minister Berceanu: The rail accident was the consequence of an intentional act

Transport Minister Radu Berceanu said on Monday morning that first investigations in the railway accident that occurred in the village of Carcea, Dolj County, southern Romania would have been the consequence of an ‘intentional act,’ because some nuts and bolts had been unscrewed from the rail.

Berceanu argued that the person or persons who did that knew very well what they were doing because they even used an oil can to oil the bolts, who had been stuck and even rusted with age.

‘According to first hypotheses, the accident was the consequence of an intentional act. Probably a criminal hand. Some nuts and bolts were unscrewed and oil was used to this end. The oil can used in the act was found nearby. It is not that the person implicated wanted to steal, because opposite the rail in question there was another rail taken out longer ago, so if he or she had wanted to steal he of she would have taken that one without any problem.

As a matter of fact, a portion of a railway weighs something over one tonne and in this area, where there is no access way stealing is hard. First conclusions read an intentional act,’ said Berceanu.

He added that the case has to be treated seriously because Romania is in big trouble if some individuals make a habit out of doing this.
The engine and eight cars of train 1692 travelling from Timisoara, west, to Bucharest, south, derailed on Sunday night at 2:25, local, in the village of Carcea, 10 km away from the main station of Craiova.
As many as 15 people of the 300 passengers aboard were rushed to hospital for medical care and several people were give first aid on the spot.

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