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Vasile Puscas, EU space is not protected against spread of pandemic

Despite all the efforts made and the fact that rules are very strict within the European Union (EU), this space is not protected from the spread of the pandemics, the Department for European Affairs (DAE) head Vasile Puscas said during the Meeting of coordination in the field of European Affairs, on Monday.

After the talks, Minister Puscas invited the involved institutions to analyze the measures included in the EU Commission’s Strategy on pandemic H1N1 2009, informs DAE release made public on Monday.

‘The world of today must face unexpected challenges, reactions and events such as the pandemic affecting millions of people all over the world. The European Union and its member states are more and more interested in preventing them.

Despite all the efforts made and the fact that the rules are very strict within the European Union (EU), this space is not protected against the spread of the pandemic,’ Minister Puscas said.

He also drew the attention to the economic risks the pandemics H1N1 generated stressing that if no immediate measures are taken, there is the risk to affect the fragile process of the world economy’s recovery.

According to him ‘a better coordination among the EU countries’ is required both at the community level, as well as at the national, regional or local one, with a view to appeasing the societal impact of the flu pandemic and healing the citizens as more efficiently as possible, through supplying them the highest protection.

The EU Commission adopted on Sept 15 a strategy paper supporting the member states in their efforts to react efficiently to the pandemic that the H1N1 swine flu virus triggered out in 2009.

Constantin Axinia (official of Ministry of Transports): Goods train runs off rails because of technical causes
According to the first conclusions, technical causes made the goods train jump off the rails in the region of the Boju village, Cluj County (central Romania), Constantin Axinia, Undersecretary of State with the Ministry of Transports, told Agerpres on Monday.

„According to the first information, the train wagons jumped off the rails because of technical causes. As far as we know, there is no danger of fire, although the train carried fuel,” said Axinia.

The official made it clear that the train did not belong to CFR Marfa, it belonged to the private company Unifertrans.
According to some sources that were on the site, the engine and six wagons jumped off the rails, four of them being overturned. The wagons carried petrol and diesel oil. Several teams of fire fighters went to the site of the accident.

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