Vote of no confidence is presented to Parliament plenum

The National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) on Monday presented the Parliament plenum the text of the vote of no confidence titled „PD-L-PSD Government Has Decided: Better Little and Bad Work than Useless Work,” which was signed by 121 senators and deputies and which is to be debated on Thursday.

The text of the vote of no confidence, which was initiated following the Government assuming responsibility for the unitary law on the pay of the budget employees, was read to the plenum by Liberal Deputy Eugen Nicolaescu.

According to the signatories, the law on the unitary pay has such „bad” provisions that it must be blocked „in order not to worsen the problems in people’s lives.”
They say that a unitary pay law cannot be put into practice during an economic recession, it can be applied at moments of economic growth as it is only in such time spans that the private sector has the power to assimilate the human potential dismissed from the public sector.

„This is the essence of the Liberal philosophy and the proof of the social solidarity that must not be understood in terms of technical unemployment and social assistance to the dismissed people, it must be understood in the sense of directing the manpower to the real functioning economy and the business environment that is capable to support jobs and produce revenues to the state budget,” reads the above-mentioned text.

According to the PNL and UDMR parliamentarians, by adopting this draft law, the Government ignores the principle of the social solidarity, which is very necessary in times of crisis. „By this norm setting document, the coalition between PSD [Social Democratic Party] and PD-L [Democratic Liberal Party] encourages social dissatisfaction and promotes discrimination among the various categories of budget employees,” also reads the text mentioned before.

According to the signatory parliamentarians, the law on the unitary pay is „a bad law, a law that imposes arbitrariness” and the criterion on the basis of which the pay scales were made is said to have been the political one.

The signatories maintain the necessity of a pay law, but not at this time. In their opinion, the current norm-setting document assumed by the Government „makes an institution of the robbery against the Romanians.”

„The impoverishment of Romania’s population has become a state policy, ignoring the citizen who has to work as hard as before, but for less money for the mere reason that this is what an irresponsible government wants to do,” say the Liberal and the UDMR parliamentarians.
PNL and UDMR also say that the statements of the current Government according to which salaries will freeze but will not go down through the current law are „a lie.”

„Almost all social categories that have been mentioned in the unitary pay law will lose money: by including the additions to the base salary and by applying the legal tax, the monthly income of the budget employees will be much lower. The Government chose the lie as its main means of political communication,” also reads, among other things, the text mentioned before.

PNL and UDMR ask for the resignation of the rulers as several social and professional categories think that the Government does no longer represent their interests. In order to be adopted, a vote of no confidence has to be supported by half plus one of the total number of the parliamentarians.

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