Borbely about stage of talks on liberalisation of Canadian visa system for Romanian nationals

Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies’ committee on foreign policy, Borbely Laszlo, on Monday voiced hope that the reintroduction of visas for Canada for the nationals of certain countries will not harm the stage of talks on the liberalisation of the visa system for Romanian nationals.

The statement was made at the meeting between Borbely Laszlo and extraordinary ambassador and plenipotentiary of Canada to Romania, Philippe Beaulne, in the context of the Canadian authorities’ decision of introducing visas for Czech nationals, the cabinet of the chairman of the Committee on foreign policy informs.

Approached at the talks was the big number of Romanians who settled in Canada and their contribution to the community in which they integrated.
At the end of the meeting, the two officials concluded that the bilateral ties between Romania and Canada were very good, maintaining the need to continue the development and diversification of cooperation between the two countries.

Borbely stressed that Romania in its double quality of NATO and EU member may continue to contribute to the strengthening of the Transatlantic partnership, remaining a closed partner of Canada and sustained promoter of a stable security climate in the region.

Also tackled were current issues of foreign policy such as the need for the presence of the allied in conflict areas, intensification of cooperation between EU and Canada in fields of joint interest – energy, climatic changes and security.

Another topic which was discussed was the stage of the project on the gold and silver mine Rosia Montana (western Romania) whose investor is a Canadian company. The two officials emphasized the joint wish of forging cooperation at parliamentary and economic level alike.

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