EC presents on Tuesday financial report regarding EU budget in 2008

The European Commission presents on Tuesday the financial report on the budget of the European Commission in 2008.
The document will show of what sums the EU member states have benefitted from from the EU budget in 2008 and in what fields spent were the 130.9 billion euros from the EU budget in the said year, the second year from the extension of the EU to 27 states and of the financial period 2007 – 2013.

The relevant data about the EU spending in the year 2008 will be presented by the European Commissioner for budget and financial scheduling Algirdas Semeta.

The financial report regarding the EU budget refers to the main characteristics of the expenses from the EU budget.
The document also includes an appendix with the series of the financial flows between the member states and the EU budget, as well as information related to the balances of the budget operations in the period 1998-2008.

The main fields in which the money from the EU budget was used in 2008 were in a long- lasting growth (44.9 percent), natural resources, 31.6 percent, rural development, fishing and environment (11 percent) and EU as a player on the international stage (5.8 percent).

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