EcoEmerge, project nearing two million euros launched in Romania

The costs of the EcoEmerge projects, launched on Tuesday, in Bucharest, by the ministries of the Environment of Romania and Norway, amount to around two million euros and are due in April 2011, said, in an exclusive for Agerpres, Iulia Degeratu, project manager from the Romanian Ministry of the Environment.

The project launched today costs 1,919,000 euros and will encompass two years. As part of it, organized will be a series of events, from conferences and seminars to trainings for companies, producers of building materials, etc,” Degeratu explained.

According to the source, from the total sum allotted to EcoEmerge, 85 percent will go to Norway, and the remaining 15 percent from the national co-financing will be paid by the Norwegians, some (ten percent), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest, CCIMB, and the Managerial Agency for Innovation, Scientific Research and Technological Transfer, AMCSIT Romaia Politehnica.

The representative of the Ministry of the Environment said that in the case of the kind of awareness of companies as regards the recycling of paper, plastic, or the use of economic bulbs, things are better, as regards the ecologic constructions, the situation becomes more complicated.

She mentioned that another important component of the project launched in Bucharest regards the training of the local public administration, for the knowledge of the European legislation.

„At the level of the European Union, we are speaking of 16 percent of GDP, which is allocated for the acquisitions made by the public administrations, ” said the project manager of EcoEmerge.

On Tuesday, the Environment Ministries of Romania and Norway launched, at a press conference on environment matters, the project on „The development of emergent ecologic markets in Romania, EcoEmerge.

The partnership benefits from the support and participation of national partners, such as AMCSIT Politehnica, CCIMB and the National Agency for Scientific Research, ANCS.

The Eco-Emerge projects intends to improve the conditions for eco-innovation in Romania by the transfer of experience and good practices of Norway, as well as the supply of data and information for the development of national policies in the field. Following the running of this programme, selected will be ten innovative companies from Romania, that are to take part in a working meeting in Norway, running during 2010.

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