Europeam Day of Foreign Languages: Commissioner Orban recommends learning of Foreign Languages at small ages

The learning of foreign languages should start as early as possible – this is the recommendation the commissioner for multilingualism Leonard Orban makes to all the parents in the EU.

„Small children are very good at the learning of foreign languages and they are willing to do it, if all conditions are met. Scientifically, all the data lead to the fact that the learning process should start as early as possible,” Orban said in a paper published on the official Internet page of the European Commission.

The statement of the European official comes in the context in which the Commission celebrates, on Sept 26, the European Day of the Foreign Languages. The events to be held on this occasion will be numerous, will last for a week and will be organized in three European capitals, namely Brussels, Luxembourg and Paris.

The European Commission will launch a campaign called „Piccolingo”, addressing parents who have children aged between two and six. The initiative wants to draw attention on the benefits which can be got from the exploitation of this potential of children as well as on the sources of information and support for parents.
The target public of this campaign is also made up from experts and authorities in the field of foreign languages, as well as from delegates of the representative associations of teachers and parents.

This week inaugurated will be the Business Platform for Multilingualism, aimed at encouraging the public debate among social partners, trade organizations, chambers of commerce, schools and other organizations from the education system.

At the same time, the general director for interpreters, facing a massive lack of professionals in comparison with the big work effort, has already launched a campaign of making people aware, called „French, a rare language,” by which it wants to attract an as big as possible number of translators and interpreters. Another debate in the programme is called „How technology can help the translator.”

Commissioner Orban will organize on Friday a press conference which will be followed by a technical briefing on „The learning of foreign languages at small ages” and by a demonstration of a PC game for foreign languages, called LinguaGo, accessible on the EuropaGO Internet page.

Other debates take into account the media and the journalists, the way in which they succeed or not to negotiate the problems related to the linguistic diversity at the job, be it a TV channel, a radio channel or an Internet page.

Towards the end of the week the attention will go, again, to the smallest users of the foreign languages. A market close to the European institutions in Brussels will host activities for children. The main theme is to tell stories in various foreign languages, and the games, the music and an workshop of comics will complete the atmosphere from Place Jourdan.

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