First completely automated power plant on Alb River

Hydro power plant on Alb River situated at Fenes, Armenis commune of Caras Severin (south-west of Bucharest) will be inaugurated on Tuesday, this being the first completely automated power plant of Romania.

The River Alb hydro power plant’s goal is the hydro energy capitalization of the water volume accumulated in Poiana Rusca Lake and is part of the hydro electrical complex Bistra-Poiana Marului – Ruieni-Poiana Rusca.

The River Alb power plant is built in a 20-metre diameter well, 46-metre deep and is equipped with two hydro aggregates. The water will reach the power plant at Poiana Rusca by an underground gallery of over 4 km. with 3-metre diameter and by a 350-m long pipeline with a diameter of 2.5 metres.

The installed power is of 2x20MW. After the completion of the secondary, in an average hydrological year, the energy production will reach 92.6 GWh/year.

At present the power plant produces on average 71.4 GWh/year.
The project of the Alb Rover power plant was first approved ion 1981, however the proper construction of the power plant has started four years ago. The value of the power plants exceeds 18 million euros.

Due to attend the inauguration are representatives of companies involved in the project: Hidroelectrica, Hidroconstructia, ISPH, Energomontaj, UEM – CCHAPT Resita, EEI Resita , AFICO Bucharest, UCMR, Hydro Engineering.


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