Kinodoseea international film festival for children to start in Bucharest

Ponyo, the Japanese animated film, is to open Kinodiseea the first international film festival for children, at the Romanian Peasant Museum, in Bucharest at 6 p.m., on Tuesday.

‘I have been very enthusiastic about this project. I’ve been very glad that Gloria reopened. Almost nobody has come and see films for children, lately. I would like to have been able to see more kids here. I am also glad there are workshops teaching cinema to the kids,’ film critic Irina Margareta Nistor told a news conference, on Tuesday.

The Festival’s director Daniel Mitulescu stressed that several workshops will be held to teach the little cinemagoers about films, costumes, film direction, special effects, while the Romanian film for children is devoted a special day.

Kinodiseea takes place at the Romanian Peasant Museum and Gloria Cinema hall, in Bucharest, over Sept 22-27 and it plans to revive the Romanian film making for children and offer an alternative to the serial Hollywood films.

The Festival invited film directors, actors, foreign film personalities such as Petr Koliha, the director of one of the oldest and the most prestigious film festivals for children, that happens in Zlin, the Czech Republic.

Kinodiseea will show ten feature films, premieres for Romania, namely Dragon Hunters (France), Mia et le Migou (France), Who is Afraid of the Wolf? and In the Attic (both from the Czech Republic), Mommo (Turkey), „Ponyo” (Japan), two Dutch films Winky’s Horse and Where is Winky’s Horse?, Please Vote for Me! (China), The Paper Prince (Serbia).
The Fall and Khamsa are the two hors concurs films.

The Festival’s jury includes talented children who played in several films for children, such as Catinca Untaru well praised in Hollywood, for the part she played in ‘the Fall,’ Marc Solomon. Luca Istador, Marian Bratu and Timotei Duma. Metropolis Film and SCRIPT Cultural Association are the organizers of the Kinoseea international film festival for children.

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