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Law on pension system is vital and will be promoted by Gov’t

PM Emil Boc on Tuesday said at Cotroceni presidential palace on the occasion of the release of the presidential commission’s report on the assessment of Romania’s social and demographic risks that the Government will promote the law on the pension system, considering it vital and reasonable.
‘Law on pension system is vital and reasonable and I assure you that the Government will promote it.

It will have healthy principles, even if painful ones. The most important principle is the one of contribution to the system of social insurance. In this way you can hope having a higher or lower pension depending on contributions and not on the privileges which the system has established over the past 20 years, depending on the influence various social categories had on the parliament,’ said Boc.

Romania’s PM also said that such a step will be difficult, however it is necessary, because the inequities of the system should be mended in advance. The premier emphasized the reform of the entire system of social assistance that, according to him, at present is not targeting people with real needs.
‘There are many people who need help and it is to them we should direct the social aid, the measures of social protection.

Unfortunately, significant financial resources are directed there where they shouldn’t. For this we need firmness in our decisions,’ said the Romanian Premier.

About the report presented by the presidential commission, the premier said that it was pragmatic, professional and diagnosed exactly the Romanian system of social assistance and protection, providing solutions for solving the system’s shortcomings.

‘We’ve noticed the Government and the presidential commission have similar stands regarding the solutions proposed by the commission,’ said Boc referring to the single law of wage for state employees and the law on national education, laws for which the Government assumed responsibility.

‘The Government staked its own existence in order to pass the law (editor’s note – the law on single wage). The law is necessary, therefore no political cost is too big for the materialisation of the laws,’ said the head of the Romanian Government.


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