PM Boc: Romania to focus support for agriculture and steady rural development

Romania is to focus support for agriculture and a steady rural development in the upcoming decade, equal valuable instruments for combating the harmful effects of global warming, Premier Emil Boc says in his message conveyed on Tuesday to participants in the United Nations Summit on climate change.

„We are confronted each day with the negative effects of the climatic changes. Either we talk about floods, drought or desertification, strong storms or forest fire, which are getting worse, the climatic changes increasingly affect our life. Their effects are already visible as for the food safety, health, infrastructure or access to natural resources”, stressed the Executive’s head in his message.

The Prime Minister pointed out that Romania is concerned over destruction caused by the new climatic conditions to the environment, as well as their impact on economy and communities all over the world. „Undoubtedly the time has come for us to act firmly and we must act united, each according to own capacities.

I voice hope on behalf of my nation that year 2009 will represent a turning point in this regard. Responsibility we bear for our countries’ future security and wellbeing spurs us to reach an understanding at global level, in order to limit the negative effects of these climatic changes”, underlined the Romanian Premier.

Head of Bucharest Executive gave assurances that Romania, together with other partner states in the European Union, is determined to act firmly in view to reduce the polluting emissions and to implement the significant measures of reduction and adaptation, also reminding that Romania is signatory of the Kyoto Protocol, pledging in December last to cut by 20 percent the polluting emissions and to cover 20 percent of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020.

The Executive’s head also emphasized among other things that Romania is to back up measures aimed at securing financing for the developing or less developed countries to adapt and voiced hope that these resources will be channeled to new technologies and a sustainable energy efficiency, an important economic resource.
More than 100 head of state and of government gathered on Tuesday in New York in an United Nations extraordinary summit on climate change.

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