President Basescu proposes debates on a pact for social assistance

President Traian Basescu, present on Tuesday in the launch of the report of the Presidential commission for social and demography risks analysis in Romania, proposed the elaboration of a Pact for social assistance, to be assimilated by the parties, the respective debates going to be started after the presidential elections.

„It is a consistent effort, I am convinced that the Ministry of Labor can launch. I am asking the commission to make available to all of us a draft of the Pact for social assistance, so that the parties can assimilate it and make observations and the civil society can debate it and, sometime in January, after the waters clear after the presidential elections and we calm down to start debates on a national pact for social protection.

I beg the same commission, which is very much aware of the reality as regards the Romanian social protection system, to provide a base for debates worked out by professionals and with the standpoints of people not politically engaged”, announced the head of state.

He also underlined that there are 179 normative acts in the social protection field, which set up 202 categories of socially assisted people.
„Surely here are not mentioned those who receive aid for heating in winter without needing it, those who are connected to the central heating system so they do not need such an aid. But there are 202 socially assisted categories.

It is obvious that the political impact which led to a deformation of the social assistance system in Romania was a huge one, that many normative acts were issued close to elections, to draw up votes from one or another assisted category and that this situation must cease”, underscored Traian Basescu.

By pointing out the importance of a National pact for social protection, President Basescu emphasized that a long-term vision is needed, society as well as the entire political class solidarity, which „must guarantee that the social protection system will no longer be used to attain electoral goals”.

„What we fail to do today spells disaster by 2030. In the social protection field and securing the needed financial resources, so that the social protection is covered on a long term, the decisions we fail to take today will lengthen the bill for those who will need social protection in the period 2025 through 2030. That is why we must adopt these measures now”, said the head of state.

According to the President, such a code for social assistance must establish the welfare beneficiaries, in what quantum and which will be the conditions for being included in those categories.

Basescu thanked professor Marian Preda, commission’s chairman, as well as the other members of this forum for the „extraordinary work” they accomplished.

„In fact, this report is a mirror of the social protection system in Romania with all the factors which contributed to the inefficiency of this system. They are mentioned because the report has two essential parts, a diagnosis zone of the social protection system and the solutions zone.

I am convinced that both represent the first report of such dimensions, which includes all aspects and can form an excellent document, a basis for future governmental policies adapted to Romania’s reality”, said the President.

He added that the report will be sent to the Government and the Parliament, as Presidency’s document, and it can be used as a basis for discussions.
In his opinion, to prolong debates for months on end, after such a document is finalized, would be a waste of time.

„We have this report, we have the solutions put forward in this report, I suggest we pass to the elaboration of a pact draft for social policies, to be also worked out by this commission. We must also take into account that this moment is a sensitive one, given that we enter the electoral campaign.

I suggest you get in touch with the commission to this end, especially the trade unions, so that the political might get involved as well after the elections”, said Traian Basescu.

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