Presidential commission for social risks analysis presents report

The presidential commission for the social and demographical risks’ analysis in Romania will present a report on Tuesday at the Cotroceni presidential Palace, in the presence of president Traian Basescu and premier Emil Boc.

Traian Basescu signed on January 15 the decision of establishing the presidential Commission for the social and demographical risks’ analysis in Romania, aimed at carrying out some analysis reports of the social, demographic politics, of the situation of the distribution and redistribution of resources to the Romanian population in general, but also to certain social segments.

The main targets of the reports are the description of inequities and current and potential social major risks the population of Romania is subdued to, the description of the social segments with high risk of exclusion and the causes of these situations, but also of the raising of some propositions for the cut of the risks and promotion of the social inclusion in the context of Romania’s belonging to the European Union and the world economic crisis.

The Commission, headed by professor doctor Marian Preda, dean of the Sociology and Social Aid Faculty with the Bucharest University, includes experts in social politics, social aid, demography, social statistics and other tangent fields.

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