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Presidential commission report: Social protection system is inequitably developed


The report of the presidential commission on analyzing social and demographic risks in Romania was launched on Tuesday, at the Cotroceni Palace, one of its main conclusions being the fact that the system of social policies is „incoherent” and „broken into fragments” and, consequently, a reform of institutions is necessary.

According to the above-mentioned report, the social protection system was „out of control” and developed „inequitably” and „inefficiently.”

„The system being broken into fragments, incoherent makes necessary a reform of institutions in the field of social protection that should ensure a national and local institutional framework based on the principle of subsidiarity, the central and local functions and responsibilities being clarified, the prevention policies being brought nearer to communities and the answerable institutions being placed at the level where decisions can be made and the necessary resources exist,” reads the document drawn up by the presidential commission.

According to the report mentioned before, the reform must not be „radical,” it must not replace institutions and persons, it must integrate and adapt the current institutions and complete them in order to cover the unsolved social problems and segments or the ones that were inadequately solved.

The reform must be carried out by consulting directly and getting the support of the experts doing practical work in the public and nongovernmental system, in the administrative area at all levels, in the academic and research environment, also reads the report.

The presidential commission also enumerates the obvious general problems of the institutional system: locally there are social assistance community services in towns and cities only, but there too they are unequal and in counties there is a crowd of institutions often serving the county seat and ignoring the other places.

But the report shows that the most serious social problems are to be found in the country, where it is quite imperative to create primary social assistance services.
The human resources in the public system, especially in the country, are also small in number and „not enough clarified,” adds the presidential commission.

As a conclusion the commission proposes making a national social pact under the patronage of the Presidency, a general strategic document for social policies to which all sectoral social policies and strategic documents related to them should be subordinated, which should be correlated to a national development plan revised and adjusted to the current situation.

With a view to supporting the decisions on social policies and monitoring the process of implementing the national social pact the presidential commission also proposes the setting up of the National Social Observatory, an institution that should annually publish a report on Romania’s social situation in which the indicators for the previous year should be described.

All the major sectors of the social protection system in which national strategies were proposed can set up national social observatories, also reads the report mentioned above, which mentions the fact that the Government, in the same time span, will have to present Parliament and the Presidency a report on the stage of implementing the national social pact, an operational plan for implementing the social pact for the year to come and the landmarks for the medium-term implementation.

„This is the way to promote and better preserve the equity and efficiency of the social policies, which are essential conditions especially at this time of crisis Romania is through,” explains the report in the end.

President Traian Basescu, Premier Emil Boc, Ministers Ecaterina Andronescu, Ion Bazac, Marian Sarbu and Gheorghe Pogea, but also representatives of the trade unions and the NGOs attended the launch of the report drawn up by the presidential commission on analyzing the social and demographic risks that took place at the Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday.


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