Presidential Committee proposes discrimination against drug consumption

The discrimination against the drug consumption, but not against drug trafficking is one of the measures proposed by the Presidential Committee for Analysis of Social and Demographic Risks in Romania, with a view to disclosing the illegal drug users and limiting the drug consumption.

‘ The discrimination against the drug consumption and not against the drug trafficking is aimed at bringing the users out to the open. Stores selling ethno botanical products, whose effects are similar to that of the illegal light drugs and whose social effects do not seem to be visible, have recently opened in several Romanian towns and cities such as Brasov, Bacau, Galati, Hunedoara, Brila, Iasi and Bucharest.

Drug consumption must be discouraged, but with the relevant differences between the light and the hard drugs, particularly the heroin shots, whose effects are negative and devastating,’ the Report reads.

The document also mentions that incriminating drug use has serious side effects such as the syringe reuse, which leads to the transmission of serious diseases.

The Report’s authors think it is also imperative to keep the street intervention programmes and services developed by the NGOs, and the local budget to fund them, because they curb the risks through supplying disposable shots, in exchange to the already used ones.

Likewise, the Committee’s members think that the legalization of soliciting, but not of the procurers would be a possibility to control the sexually transmitted diseases.

‘Imposing such measures, in the absence of an analysis based on the experience of other states, and contingent of Romania’s particularities, might however have undesirable effects. Setting up special centers and services where the prostitutes may benefit from healthcare, social and psychological assistance and be offered condoms for free, would improve their situation,’ the Report says on.

It also emphasizes that the persons, victims of trafficking and domestic violence are also risk groups that the social security services must be targeted on, at the local level.

According to the statistical data supplied by the European Observer for Drugs and Drugs Addiction (2007), Romania is ranked beneath the European average drug consumption, but the drug users have been increasing, and it is expected to number 28,000 users of illegal drugs, most of them in Bucharest (24,000) and about 17,000 of them use shots (round 80 percent of them men).

Surveys read that there were by 70 percent more illegal drug users, in 2007 than in 1999. The relatively large number of addicts mainly lives in the peripheral areas of Bucharest and other cities.

It is not exactly known how many persons earn money by having sex, because law prohibits prostitution. WHO assessed that the number of men prostitutes was ranging between 23,000 and 47,000, in Romania, in 2003.

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