Puscas: Romania seeks to promote EU interests worldwide

Romania seeks an European Union (EU) which would place citizens at its strategic project core and wishes to promote the European values and interests worldwide, stated on Tuesday head of the European Affairs Department (DAE) Minister Vasile Puscas.

Puscas chaired the first meeting of the Reflection Group on the Lisbon Strategy future, formed of representatives of the central and local public administration and of the civil and academic society.

„Romania must come up with its priorities for the future post-2010 Lisbon Strategy and this Reflection Group will have the role to identify Romania’s positioning goals on the European Union scene”, emphasized the Minister for European Affairs, according to a release remitted to AGERPRES by DAE Press Bureau.

He invited all Romania’s citizens interested in this reflection process to get involved, given that the „future post-2010 Lisbon Strategy must be a matter of preoccupation nationwide”.

„Together we must identify and use all documents and ideas which can form a projection of Romania’s evolution, especially in the context of the new National Reform Programme project, to be drawn up next year”, underscored the Minister for European Affairs.

According to him, the Reflection Group will also deal with the elimination of the bureaucratic and circumstantial barriers in public communication, in order to pass to an integrated vision, in line with Romanian citizens’ expectancies.

Minister Puscas considers that a realistic analysis is needed, of the way in which Romania is integrated in the Internal Market, in order to find out the best solutions in the field of generating new European policies, going to be implemented at the national level.

This Reflection Group has the role to answer, first of all, to citizens’ aspirations because, according to Puscas, „last but not least the EU must operate in line with the European citizens’ agenda, which corresponds to the European policies, through the promotion of an Europe which places the people in the center of its interior construction project and which strives to attain the highest performance level in the field of global competitiveness”.

The setting up of the Reflection Group on the future of Lisbon Strategy is inscribed in the initiative proposed by the EU referring to debates on the future action lines and on the need of an integrated approach, capable to confer substance to „Europa 2020” vision, recently announced by the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

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