SGG launches campaign against Roma discrimination

The Government’s Secretariat General (SGG) by the programme S.P.E.R. – ‘Stop Prejudices against Roma minority’, relaunches in the media starting Monday, September 21, a social campaign against discrimination of Roma.

According to a press release issued by SGG, the national information campaign and aimed at raising public awareness initiated by the Romanian Government has started in the media in 2008 and the second edition, released on Monday, has two main guidelines.

The first is a national media campaign targeting majority population with the message ‘Discriminating Roma we learn at home. Know them before you judge!’ which is aimed at improving the population’s perception on the Roma.
The second direction consists of a national information campaign, targeting for the first time the Roma population with the message ‘Jan angle, romale!’ (Make a step forward!’).

The ‘Discriminating Roma we learn at home. Know them before you judge!’ campaign will unfold by the end of November with the help of TV channels, radio stations, indoor, online and two unconventional events.

On October 1, an indoor campaign will be released in pubs, restaurants and underground stations. The web site will benefit from online promotion campaign.

Initiated in May 2007, the first national programme designed to inform and fight against structural prejudices on Roma – S.P.E.R. has been implemented by the Romanian Government, through PHARE funds and its beneficiary is the National Agency for Roma.

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