The A/H1N1 flu vaccine, to be ready in November

The Cantacuzino Research and Development Institute for Microbiology and Immunology, based in Bucharest, has informed the Public Health Ministry that the first doses of A/H1N1 pandemic vaccine will be finalized at the end of October 2009, a release transmitted by the Health Ministry Press Office reads.

According to a calendar submitted by the institute, on October 28 the first series of this vaccine will be completed, and on October 21 the National Agency of the Medicine will release the market licence. Starting with this date, the basic vaccination of the risk categories will commence.

The five million pandemic vaccine doses the Cantacuzino Institute has the capacity to produce will be finalized by the end of December.
The vaccine will be called CANTGRIP and will only be distributed in an enclosed network, within the free of charge vaccination campaign of the Public Health Ministry, which is to start in December 2009, the press release adds.

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